Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekly Race Series - Sundance Report

At lunch today, I planned to just drive up to Sundance to check out the conditions in general, but I couldn't resist and ended up hopping on the bike and riding a lap.  I convinced myself this would be helpful for the race, given that I hadn't ridden the course before.  In hindsight, I probably should have conserved my energy for the race, but then again, I got the extra workout in and it was helpful knowing the length of the climbs and where the tricky downhill portions were.

I took a few pictures during the pre-ride that show the conditions of the course. 

This is one of the few muddy sections.  Not too bad and by Saturday's ICUP race, it'll probably be dry.

This little climb after the lift about halfway through the lap was short but steep.  On my first lap of the race, I kept it in the middle ring and grunted it out.  On the second lap, I wimped out and spun up it in the small ring.

I raced in the expert B category*.  I probably didn't belong, but at least I was able to ride two laps instead of 1-1/4 for Sport.  I found the guys in expert are fast.  I was mid pack after the first climb on the pavement, but then was passed by several guys once we hit the single track and spent the rest of the race trying to minimize the gap.  I didn't finish last, but was definitely near the back.

*Tonight they started the expert B and expert A groups at the same time, a total of like 25 riders.  I don't understand this, but then again what do I know.  Why not stagger the groups by 30 seconds like they did last week?  Then you can at least have some separation (not so much passing on the singletrack) and it's easier to identify where you are in relation to those you're racing against.  Just a thought.

Once again, the post race raffle had some good prizes, easily exceeding in value the $12 entry fee.  I won this Park Tool Digital Scale that retails for over $50.  People ask me all the time how much my bikes weigh....I guess I'll know how to answer that question with certainty from now on.


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