Monday, May 3, 2010

My 2nd most favorite road ride

After work, I headed up Provo Canyon to climb Squaw Peak, my first time to ride it on the road bike since last fall. The Alpine Loop is my favorite local road ride, hands down. I'd have to say Squaw Peak is number two.

The legs were still feeling it from Saturday, so the plan was to take it easy and not cause too much suffering. This plan held for the 1st mile as I spun at about 70%. Then I started feeling pretty good, so I turned it up a notch. At mile marker 3.5, I realized I was on pace for a personal best time to the four-mile much for keeping this ride mellow.  Even though I was hurting on the last mile, the pain didn't rise to the level that I usually experience on our lunch rides.  Sounds like today was no exception.

New Gear

Btw, I finally purchased a "real" cycling specific computer, a Garmin Edge 500.  I had been using a Garmin Forerunner 305 that I purchased back when I was running, but I never have time to go running anymore and I don't particularly enjoy running.  I've only used the 500 once so far, but I like it already as it's compact, easy to mount and has all the features I want, including the ability to use a power meter, which may be an option later if the prices ever come down.

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