Sunday, May 23, 2010

Father and Son Time

Friday and Saturday was our ward's annual father and son camp out, something my boys and I look forward to all year.  We camped outside of Oak City (southwest of Nephi) at Oak Creek.  We had a great time.  By far the funnest thing for the boys was playing with sticks in the fire and watching things burn (like cups, bananas, plates, pine needles, a toy lizard, you name it).  Friday night they had a movie playing on the side of an R.V. but my boys didn't want anything to do with that....they just wanted to play in the fire.  Sound familiar*?

*Speaking of sticks and fires....when I was a boy, I practically burned down my Dad's farm shop because I thought it would be cool to stick my wooden sword into the wood stove and then into a 5 gallon bucket of used motor oil.  Yup, the oil caught on fire, melted the bucket and the burning oil spread.  The fire department arrived and put out the fire, but not before causing significant damage.  Sorry once again Dad.

Bike Ride
On Saturday morning, we hopped on our bikes and rode up the dirt access road.  I was especially entertained by my five year old pedaling away on his little Trek single speed.  The grade on the road was about 5% in spots, so he'd have to stand up to keep his momentum going.  He was actually a pretty good climber, very determined.

We had to stop here of course to throw rocks into the creek.

We climbed for about a mile and then they were tired and ready to go back down.  Here they are on the descent.

Fun times.  It won't be long and I'll have some new training partners to ride with on the dirt.


Dad said...

Like father, like son! I'm so proud of you and your wife and sons! What a great way to spend a weekend...with family, doing fun things! Great pictures, Brannen, and great memories! We enjoyed visiting briefly the other day! Give us a call so the boys can tell us all about your father and sons outing. We love you! Dad & Mom

Darci said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I didn't know about you almost burning dad's shop down ha ha ha. Your boys are so cute.