Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soldier Hollow Wed. Night Race

I had a great time last night racing up at Soldier Hollow. The atmosphere was great. A pretty good crowd of mountain bikers just out having a good time and enjoying a little competition.

It was my first time riding the course and I thought it was a good mix of short climbs, where you could easily pass, and fast downhill single track.  I rode in the sport category, flight A and did 3 laps (expert did 4 and beginner 2 laps). 

My group was maybe 12 or so riders.  At the start, this kid who couldn't have been more than 16 years old absolutely sprinted from the get go up the short climb on the paved road.  By the time he reached the single track, he was cooked and started holding up the whole lot of us.  Fortunately for the rest of us and unfortunately for him, 30 seconds later he laid his bike over going down a little dip and we were able to resume a reasonable pace.

I was about in 4th position going into the double track climb (the straight away on the far right of the course).  I was feeling pretty good, but decided to see what pace the other 3 riders would maintain on the climb.  Towards the top, I sensed that they were slowing, so I jumped on it and put some distance between us prior to the downhill portion.

I was a little worried about leading out so early, especially since I didn't know the course and wasn't certain how long each lap was.  I figured if I could just keep enough in the tank to go strong on the climbs and keep up the pace on the flats and descent that I'd be in good shape.  It worked out and I finished in first.

Here's me and Rich at the finish.  Rich took 1st in the sport B flight.

Phast Dan was there:

Free stuff for everyone at the raffle.  I ended up getting one of the insulated water bottles that was filled with Sport Beans packets and Honey Stinger gels, probably worth more than the $12 entry fee.

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