Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Fever

It's not quite officially spring but it sure feels like it. A group of us (Miles, Rick, Nick, Brandon, Dave and Ryan) left from the Adobe parking lot at lunch and rode (raced?) out to HWY 92 and back. Unfortunately, about 3 seconds after taking the above picture my front tire popped after I hit a rock. I tried to repair it and my crappy thin spare "race tube"* got a hole in it too. Thanks Tiffany for coming to rescue me.

*I will never buy another such tube in my life to save on weight. It's not worth it. They puncture too easily.

I also got to ride to and from work yesterday, so 3 rides in one day. Today I brought the mtb for my lunch ride. It's going to be pushing 60 degrees and sunny. Hopefully the BST won't be muddy.

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