Thursday, March 18, 2010

BST North from Shooting Range

It was great to get out in the sun yesterday on the mountain bike, get a little mud on the bike and start working on my cyclist tan*.

*Dad, if you're reading this, in a few months we should compare tan lines. Your awesome farmer's tan versus my cycling tan. I've always been impressed with my Dad's almost perfect farmer's tan. Growing up, and I'm sure this is still true, he would wear the same style of short sleeve work shirt every day. He tans easily and spent lots of time outside being a farmer and all, but would rarely wear shorts or take off his shirt in the sun. So, when he'd take off his shirt that one time at the lake water skiing, it was an awesome sight indeed. White as white everywhere but his arms and neck!

I started at the shooting range in Orem and headed north on the BST, past Dry Canyon and almost to Battle Creek Canyon before I ran out of time and had to head back. The trail was rideable for sure, but still fairly muddy in 2 or 3 stretches where the snow next to the trail on north facing slopes hadn't yet melted. In some spots that are now dry, the horses had chewed up the trail quite badly, leaving deep pock marks. It made me wonder if horse trail riders (is that what they are called?) have a network of local blogs like the cyclists do here locally. I think I'll look into that, do some google searches you know to see what I can find and maybe post some "constructive" comments about not riding your horse on the trail in February when the dirt is just beginning to thaw into a mud bog mess.

Also, way off topic, but it was a wonderful day today after BYU beat Florida in double OT. I'm excited for the game on Saturday against Kansas St. I think they can take 'em, especially now that they have that losing steak monkey off their back and first game jitters should be gone.

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Dad said... want to match tan lines hun? Well, now that everybody knows about my lily whites hidden on my rippling abs, I guess the bets are on! Dad