Monday, March 22, 2010

More BST: Orem to Pleasant Grove

I rode the BST trail again tonight after work and it's drying out quickly. There were only a few very small patches of mud the entire ride. This time I had enough time to drop down to Battle Creek. I was sort of disgusted at how torn up and littered the hillside is as you get closer to Battle Creek. I should of taken some pictures of all the trash, beer cans, shotgun shells, ruts, etc. There was this one steep grade where it looked like some yahoos had taken their dirt bikes and had a contest to see who could climb the farthest, leaving an ugly scar on the slope and damaging the single track.

It would be great if a group of us locals could get a work crew together one of these days and help improve the BST. Even just some simple trash pickup would go a long way to making this part of the trail more enjoyable.

Speaking of locals, I ran into Kanyon Kris on my way back. I've never met Kris, but I read his blog regularly. I gather he probably knows the trails around the timp foothills better than anyone around. As we passed each other going opposite directions, he asked if I knew Rick in reference to the Adobe Kit I was wearing. I confirmed and then acknowledged I recognized him to be Kris. So, I'm thinking in 20 years when I'm old and grey (no reference to you Kris as being old and grey) that I'll run into random people on the trail and they'll recognize me. That'd be cool. I think.

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