Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riding with the Local Legends up Squaw

Yesterday I was with a group of 9 guys that biked to the top of Squaw Peak at lunch time in the snow. The conditions were amazing. I was afraid it was going to be icy but it wasn't at all. It was packed powder all the way, fairly grippy and similar to riding on dirt. I'd never really ridden in the snow, so this was a fun, new experience.

We had Rick, Kenny and Brad battled it out on their single speed 29ers to the top. I of course didn't see the finish as I was far behind, but I heard Kenny made it to the top first followed by Brad and Rick.

Here's a short video taken at the lookout point (you'll appreciate my awesome video skills):

Squaw Peak from bjchild on Vimeo.


Quincy said...

I meant to comment on this the first time a viewed the video...anyway, what's all the heavy breathing in the audio? Everybody else looks and acts calm & rested. Someone is very out of breath! I wonder who...
Love you! Dad

bjchild said...

Dad - Wow, you're right, I was breathing hard. I had to hurry and whip out the camera once I got to the top cause the others were ready to go down by the time I arrived. It's a good thing only exactly 6 people read my blog.