Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alta Aqueduct Road

Yesterday at lunchtime, I went exploring. I started at the bottom of Provo Canyon on the Provo River Parkway then turned off onto the gravel road at Mt. Timpanogos Park and started climbing. The Parkway trail was a slushy, miserable, wet mess, but once I was on the double track it was nice as there was about 2-4 inches of new snow covering the packed snow and ice underneath. I didn't know where the road I was on would lead me and just kept climbing. As it turned out, it ended up at the gate at the top of Dragon's Back. I later discovered this road I was on is called the Alta Aqueduct Road. Not a bad choice if you don't have enough time to climb Squaw Peak.

Looking down across Provo Canyon towards Squaw Peak:
Here's a map with the GPS:

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Lynn said...

Got studs on those tires?? How about chains? Do they make such things for bikes?