Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garage Ceiling Bike Rack

If you're like me and like bikes, you need a place to store them where they won't get banged up, they're easily accessible and not in the way.  My solution is to simply hang your favorite* bikes by the saddle on a galvanized pipe fastened to the garage ceiling, or your bedroom ceiling if you're single and so inclined.

*I've concluded that only the "nice" bikes qualify for hanging from the pipe.  Kid bikes and heavy steel cruiser bikes that weigh 50 lbs. won't be on this pipe.

I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I'm not that creative.  I first saw this concept in my brother-in-law's garage, who claims he got the idea from a bike shop in San Francisco.  My brother-in-law has many more bikes than I do and a smaller garage and he hangs most all of them from a pipe.

Here are the parts you'll need to build this rack, all purchased at the local hardware store:

1.  qty. 2 -  3/4" X 18" galvanized pipe**
2.  qty. 2 -  1/2" X 72" galvanized pipe
3.  qty. 2 -  3/4" to 1/2" galvanized elbow
4.  qty. 2 -  3/4" threaded pipe flange
5.  qty. 1 -  2 X 4
6.  qty. 8 -  4" Hex lag bolt with washer
7.  qty. 8 -  3-1/2" wood screw

**Depending on your ceiling height, you'll want to adjust the length of these pipes accordingly.  My ceiling is 11-1/2 ft. high, which results in the bike's front tire being about 65" off the ground....low enough where I can stand on my toes and put the bike on the rack and high enough that the bikes are not in the way.

As you can see, I'm currently hanging 3 bikes, but there's easily room for two more:

Make sure you're careful about finding the ceiling joist and then predrill holes for the lag bolts.

Simply hangin' by the saddle:


Anonymous said...

Pretty Cool. Looks like you need me to send over some of my guys to finish off the drywall in your garage.

bjchild said...

J. Thomas - Yea, Ivory did a shabby job with the drywall as you can see. I've been wanting to get it fixed and finished off. I'll look for you at 5-mile pass on Saturday.

Aaron said...

That's such a simple and effective idea. If only I had seen this before installing a complex hook and pulley system.

s13o said...


Anonymous said...

This is the most efficient, bang for the buck ceiling bike rack.
Thank you for posting this set up information as it is the most obvious one to do...Just have to think about it.....;-)
I have build one just like this to hold up for MTB's.
Works great!

Unknown said...

Hi, why would you need 2 72" pipes? I only see one in the picture.