Thursday, April 29, 2010

5-Mile Pass Course

After work today, I was able to ride a lap on the 5-Mile Pass ICUP race course.  In summary, in case you haven't been on this trail, it's full of lots and lots and lots of loose rocks and enough rollers to make you feel like you're on a bumpy roller coaster that never ends.  It seemed pretty challenging because I had to really focus energy on the terrain due to the countless loose and jutting rocks, gyrating hills and frequent turns.  The course was dry too and it looks like we may catch a break in the storm on Saturday morning.

I'm pretty excited as this will be my first mountain bike race.  It should be fun.


Anonymous said...

What class will you be racing?

bjchild said...

Sport, 35-39

Dad said... did you do? I hope the rocks weren't too much for you! Call and let us know the outcome. Dad