Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Job = New Trails/Roads to Explore

This week I started a new chapter with my new job at Fusion-io.  I was at Omniture (now Adobe) for almost 5 years and will miss many things about that job, mostly the great people I worked with and rode bikes with.  I'll especially miss the daily lunchtime timp foothill mountain bike rides. 

However, change is good and though often disruptive and stressful, it brings fresh experiences and new challenges.  I'm looking forward to discovering new places to ride up in Salt Lake County near my workplace including what will be a longer commute on the road bike.  From my place to Omniture was only 15 miles or so and I got to where I could do that between 40-45 minutes.  My new commute will be longer at almost 24 miles one way and will include a bit more climbing as I'll pedal over Suncrest and then climb up Wasatch Blvd.  I like that I have the option of extending the commute ride up Big or Little Cottonwood.  As far as dirt riding, I don't know much about my options up that way.  I guess I can easily hit Corner Canyon on my way to/from work.

If anyone knows of good options given my new location, I'd be interested in some ideas.


KanyonKris said...

Congrats on the new job.

I know a cyclist (roadie) at Fusionio: Kevin V. - look him up, he's a good guy.

I've done a few lunch rode rides in that area, some good riding.

That's a pretty long bike commute, good luck.

Aaron said...

Closest ride to the office is at the mouth of LCC. It's a dirt road that parallels the river, but pretty fun.

Mill D North up BCC. Steep grunt that can connect you to Dog Lake, Desolation Lake, Crest, etc.

Mill Creek has the pipeline trail near the bottom and Big and Little Water at the top.

Aaron said...

Oh, and lunch rides won't be the same without you. Send me your new email/contact info.

bjchild said...

KK - I pinged Kevin. Seems like a good guy.

Aaron - I'll have to try out those trails and report back. I'll send you my new contact info.