Friday, June 5, 2009

My new waterbottle

Can't wait to try out my new Camelbak waterbottle. I'm excited because it's insulated, which is really nice now with the warm weather and best of all, it has a drip proof spout so that you don't drizzle sports drink all over the bike frame.


Sean Warren said...

I dont know how god these are on the bike (I am sure that they fine) but I do know that the insulation really works well. cold will stay fairly cold on long rides. Love the Gear stuff by the way,.

Sean Warren said...

Ok. I am a moron and did not spell check the last one.

bjchild said...

Sean - These bottles are great on the bike. I tested mine out on Saturday and not a drop spilled onto the frame, which is really nice because the maltodextrin in endurance drinks makes a mess..