Sunday, May 31, 2009

Biking Mecca

Lately, my favorite ride is up American Fork Canyon, so that's what I did last Saturday morning. One of my old co-workers Mike P. that has since left Omniture for greener pastures agreed to join me. He recently purchased a new Cervelo tri bike, loaded up with the sweet aero bars and behind the seat water bottle holders (I love tri bikes....).

Mike is actually part of the reason I got into biking. About a year and a half ago, he and another co-worker (Sean) were training for the Kentucky Ironman. I thought they were crazy but admired their determination. Seeing them training encouraged me to start running and then a couple of months later I bought my first road bike and I've been hooked ever since.

Anyhow, we started climbing the canyon and I was amazed at how many other cyclist had the same idea. Especially above Pine Hollow, where the lazy folk had driven to and then hopped on their bikes, there were alot of people on the road. My legs felt really strong the whole ride and even after the summit, I felt like I could keep climbing.

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